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Holland Bolga Support Foundation

Holland Bolga Support Foundation

What: technical side of the website
When: 2017-2018

The Holland Bolga Support Foundation's objective is to provide financial, moral and material support for the woodworking collective Lifestyle Artisans in Bolgatanga (Ghana) and to transfer technical knowledge to independent woodworkers and their students. The foundation does this by helping to set up a training centre and by advising woodworking companies on techniques and business operations.

After one of our board members set up a website, we faced many technical problems and got to know about the existence of ICT4Free through an acquaintance (its foundation Zuva Rabuda has also been helped by ICT4Free). We then contacted them and after an enthusiastic and positive visit with Eric van Leeuwen and Wouter Schutten Wouter Schutten helped us very well as a technician via skype, email and live in Leiden. With a lot of patience and humour, Wouter has carried out all our demands and desires and the result is impressive. The website www.hollandbolgasupport.nl is in the air!

We would like to thank ICT4Free and especially Wouter Schutten.