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The Hague Kleinkoor (Small Choir)

What: website
When: 2015/1016 

The Hague Kleinkoor is a small chamber choir that was founded in 1977 and sings with great pleasure a repertoire from composers such as Sch├╝tz, Lasso, Tallis, Mendelssohn and our conductor Hans Jansen. We often sing acapella, but also accompanied by various instruments.

Our website was in urgent need of an udpate and thanks to the expertise of ICT4FREE we succeeded in launching an attractive website in January 2016 with space for photos, sound fragments, information about our repertoire and clear announcements of our performances.

We were impressed by the professionalism and enthusiastic commitment of the project manager and the technical specialist of ICT4FREE. After each meeting, during which our wishes and ideas were always taken into consideration, the agreements, which were always met despite the busy work of the technical specialist, was shared in a report. Step by step ICT4FREE guided us through the process and showed us the possibilities. The result is impressive: a beautiful and clear website that we, as a small choir, can maintain and adapt ourselves.

Thank you very much for that.

More information about The Hague Minor Choir: www.haagskleinkoor.nl