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The Hague Guild Foundation

What: database/information system for volunteer planning
When: 2015

The "The Hague Guild", is an organisation with approximately 400 volunteers who use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of others. These include city walks, language coaches, individual coaching and support with home administration. It goes without saying that, if all these activities are to run smoothly, a well-functioning information system is needed. The system that the Guild had at its disposal in the past was still working, but gradually no longer met the requirements. That is why Gilde Den Haag contacted ICT4FREE. After several exploratory discussions with the organisation's project manager, one of the system developers set up an entirely new information system (the Gilde Mediation Programme (GBP)) in about a year's time. This involved close cooperation with office staff and board members of The Hague Guild. Due, in particular, to the large effort (more than 200 hours) of the system developer, the The Hague Guild now once again has an up to date and well-functioning information system at its disposal. The The Hague Guild is particularly grateful to ICT4FREE's volunteers for this.

More information about Stichting Gilde The Hague:www.gildedenhaag.nl