About us

Our team: enthusiastic and professional volunteers


We are always looking for enthusiastic and especially professional volunteers who can add to the skills we already have in house. If you possess skills for a position for which we are not specifically recruiting at the moment, we would certainly like to hear from you why you think we ought to include you in our team!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer (whether or not through a vacancy), please contact us via our Contact form.

ICT4FREE works with enthusiastic and professional volunteers who are committed to providing the ICT solutions our clients are looking for. They can do this through their extensive (work) experience in various ICT areas (website development, databases, networking, installing workstations, etc.) or through project management and consultancy. We are always interested in new volunteers; sometimes we also recruit via specific vacancies.

Frans Hazekamp
Chairman and secretary
As Chairman / Secretary of the Board I support the technicians and keep an eye on the agreements we make with our customers.

Sandra Dehue
Treasurer and Technical Specialist
I am a volunteer at ICT4FREE because I like to make websites and because I find it fun and important to help people.

Elger van der Avoird
Technical specialist
As technical specialist of ICT4FREE I often take on network, cloud and workplace projects.

Paul de Jong
Technical Specialist
As a real techie, I am interested in challenging programming projects. ICT4FREE offers me the possibility to do useful work while still being able to organize my own time.

Wouter Schutten
Technical Specialist
I became a volunteer at ICT4FREE because I would like to contribute to social projects without any direct compensation.

Faron Sibbald
Project manager
I like to help organisations with their ICT issues. As a project manager, I take care of the contact and cooperation with the customer and our team.

Technical specialist
I joined ICT4FREE in 2015 because I wanted to make a contribution to charities and help people with ICT projects.

Technical specialist
I like to help clients with their ICT challenges in my spare time. I create websites and Office 365 solutions for ICT4FREE clients.

Eric v Leeuwen
Project manager
I am happy to put my skills and experience in the field of ICT at the service of special initiatives. ICT4free is a rewarding platform for this.

Wim Guiking
Technical Specialist
I am an independent website builder. I like to use my profession for people who want to make the world a little better but don't have a budget for it.